On-Site Dent Removal

Not all bumps and dings require a dent to the pocketbook. Leave your hail damage, door dings and other small mishaps to the paintless-dent-repair professionals at Beaman Collision Center. And, because we don’t disturb any of the original paint, the process is quicker, less costly, and what some might call a modern engineering marvel. A skilled paintless dent repair technician can remove up to 100% of the damage using specially designed PDR tools. The metal is massaged from behind the dent – moving the metal back into it’s original shape. The technician accesses the dent through window openings, removing headlights and tail lights and through wheel well openings. The process is considered to be an art and it takes many years to master. “Reading the dent” is part of the technicians training so they know where the dent begins and ends and they know how their PDR tools can be used to effectively massage the metal to remove the dent. Most repairs can be completed in one or two hours. We work with all major insurance companies on hail damage removal. Estimates usually take about 20-30 minutes, and involve determining the number and size of dents on each panel of the vehicle. Once the estimate is approved by the insurance company, our technicians remove interior panels to gain access to the back side of the car’s sheet metal. We then push each individual dent, until the whole car is smooth as glass. Our process maintains your vehicle’s factory finish and is the most cost-effective and quickest method of repair, preferred by the auto insurance industry. Most repairs take 1-3 days. Whether you have major or minor dents or scratches to repair, the detailing team at Georgia Square Collision is here to serve you. Our auto body shop has the tools, knowledge, and techniques to quickly handle dent removal and scratch repair. Take advantage of our on-site rental cars to go about your business while you wait for your car to be finished.

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