Color Matching

Well-done auto paint can make your vehicle stand out in a crowd. Whether you are repairing a collision, refreshing your older car, or just upgrading the looks of your favorite vehicle, Beaman Collision Center stands by to assist with your auto painting needs. Our auto body & paint shop can perform a variety of paint services from minor paint repair and scratch repair to complete auto painting and everything in between. We will make your next car paint job a joy. With the combination of highly trained and experienced painters, age old color matching techniques, and hi-tech state of the art computerized color matching equipment, we are able to match any color imaginable. From OEM paint manufactures’ colors to custom colors, our painters are able to match anything. We have a passion for automotive refinishing here at Beaman Collision Center. We treat every job as if it is our on personal car and take our time matching every color whether it is a White Toyota or an Orange Lamborghini. Our auto paint shop also specializes in full auto body painting as part of collision repair. We offer several levels of painting from full body off restoration painting to a quick refresh of your older car’s paint. The computerized paint-matching system we use provides our refinish technicians with the right formula to match the paint color on your vehicle perfectly. Additionally, the exceptional quality of materials we use for paint finishes, including mica, pearl and metallic, along with our expert application, ensures a precision finish. You have our promise: perfect color match, perfect finish. How do we accomplish this? Once the paint code of the vehicle has been determined, there are often multiple “variants” of the color (that is, differences in shading from batch to batch or between different paint suppliers that the vehicle manufacturer still considers to be the same color). To determine which variant is on a particular vehicle, an area is rubbed with an abrasive paste and then polished. This area is then scanned with a color matching camera that can help narrow down which variant of the color is on this particular vehicle. Once the variant is identified, the color is mixed and test-card is sprayed and compared to the vehicle to confirm the accuracy of the color match. Finally, the magic happens. The last phase of producing an accurate, invisible color match is the “blend”. This means that in addition to the damaged area that needs to be painted, the color will be gradually “blended” into the surrounding panels. When done correctly, this will result in a seamless finish that the human eye is not able to perceive as being any different from the surrounding finish.

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