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What is Frame Repair and does My Car Need It?

Many people are surprised to find out they have damage to the frame or unibody of their vehicle. Often, we hear complaints such as “my car leans to the left or right”, “my car makes weird vibrations”, “my car is unstable”, or “my car keeps going out of alignment”. This usually translates to damage in the frame or unibody of a vehicle. How does this damage occur?

Anything from hitting a curb to improper towing to a buildup of rust in the undercarriage to running over debris on the road can send your car out of alignment. No matter how the frame and unibody damage has occurred, Beaman Collision Center in Nashville can correct it.

Nashville Frame Repair | Nashville Autobody 

To correct frame and unibody damage, we use specialized frame repair equipment and have one of our highly trained frame repair technicians handle the job. Some of the primary issues you may encounter with your alignment include dog tracking, which is a vehicle that appears to move to one side of the forward motion of the vehicle. Tracking problems result when the front and rear wheels no longer track in line with each other. The driver may be unaware of the condition, though the vehicle often seems to float or lose control on bumps. Dog-tracking is normally easy to correct, but requires a shop trained in frame repair and wheel alignment. A trained frame technician uses several devices to spot and to monitor tracking, in the repair process. When repair is complete, we test tracking with four-wheel alignment equipment.

Collision Center in Nashville | Frame & Unibody Repair

Another common problem is wheel misalignment, whether from the wheels leaning inwards or outwards, or from the wheel being incorrectly positioned in the opening. A wheel that is not in the center of the wheel opening, when looking from the side is a sign of frame or suspension damage. This is particularly true when the other three wheels appear normal. Vehicles will often pull toward the side with the setback wheel, when driven. A vehicle that leans more than ½” (13MM) from one side to the other is another sign of damage. Any vehicle may lean a slight amount, but excessive leaning often indicates frame and unibody damage.

The best frame straightening equipment cannot properly repair a vehicle without a skilled technician. Advanced equipment makes the job quicker, but never replaces the skill of the operator. That’s why it’s important to bring your vehicle to Beaman Collision Center when you need frame and unibody alignment repairs. Our experienced technicians will handle your car with the care you deserve, so you can trust that your car will be returned to you as good as new.

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